FIRST® Robotics Teams • Little Rock, Arkansas • Since 2008

The Rock City Robots - A History Of Excellence:

Beginning with FIRST® LEGO League

The Rock City Robots originally formed in 2008 as a FIRST LEGO League team of homeschooled kids from Little Rock, Arkansas. Consisting of only four members, the team attended the Arkansas State FIRST LEGO League Championship in Mountain Home, Arkansas for the first time, and they won the "Rookie Team of the Year Award" for the FLL "Climate Connections" season.

The team returned to FLL for three more seasons, winning the First Place "Innovative Design Award" for the 2009 "Smart Moves" season,

the First Place "Science Presentation Award" for the 2010 "Body Forward" season,

and the Second Place "Inspiration Award" for the 2011-2012 "Food Factor" season.

The team was also recognized by Arkansas FIRST® in 2012 for our service to the advancement of FIRST® in our community through various exhibitions, workshops, and day camps.


2012 - Moving Up to FIRST® Tech Challenge

In 2012, the Rock City Robots advanced to compete as a FIRST® Tech Challenge Team. The team attended the Arkansas State FIRST® Tech Challenge Championship, winning the 2012 "Connect Award" trophy.


FIRST® Robotics Competition - The FRC Team #4849

A few short days following the 2012 FTC competition, the Rock City Robots accepted an invitation to graduate up to FIRST® Robotics Competition. In April 2013, the team attended the Inaugural Razorback Regional Competition at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and one of our team members Katie King, became the first Arkansan to win the FIRST® Dean's List Finalist award. This award was presented to her by Dean Kamen, the founder of FIRST®.


Team History Video 2008 - 2013:


FRC Rock City Robots Team #4849 • 2014


NEW! • Rock City Robots Reenters the World of
with TWO FLL Teams for 2014!

As For The Future...

We have future plans as an FRC team to compete with a higher knowledge and experience with programming language, mechanical engineering and design, electronics, and part fabrication. We will work to connect better with other FIRST® Robotics teams and grow as Gracious Professionals in both our conduct toward our team mates, and other teams.

We also plan to continue hosting more Robotics seminars and hands-on demonstrations in order to reach out to our community, introducing them to the opportunites that FIRST® offers.